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Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Wenzhou Economic Development Zone came to Fuda to guide the development of talents
Company News   /   2018-03-14 17:09:00

On the afternoon of March 13, Zhang Fuzhen, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, and his party came to Fuda to express their condolences to the high-level talents of the enterprise and to provide on-the-spot guidance on the introduction of talents and the implementation of talent policies. General Manager Lin Wanhuan, Party Secretary Zhou Yuanshuang, and Deputy Director of the Economic and Reform Commission, Bai Xiaoping, received a delegation of Zhang Fuzhen.

Coming to Fuda, Secretary Zhang Fuzhen and his entourage listened to the report of the party branch secretary Zhou Yuanshuang on the development of the company in the exhibition hall, and expressed condolences to the high-level talent representative of the enterprise, the deputy director of the reform and reform committee, and the professor-level senior engineer Bai Xiaoping.

At the subsequent symposium, how to implement the talent policy and how to expand the talent platform became the focus of discussion. At the meeting, General Manager Lin Wanhuan introduced the scientific achievements and personal honors that Bai Xiaoping achieved. Mr. Lin expressed his gratitude for the talent policy support given by the government. He said that enterprises will further increase their efforts to introduce talents, use talents and retain talents.

In the promotion of the business environment, Secretary Zhang Fuzhen pointed out that it is extremely important to create a good business environment. On the one hand, it is the company's attention, on the other hand, it is also the requirements of the Economic Development Zone, and it is also the direction of the Wenzhou Municipal Government.

As a high-level talent starting from the grassroots level of the enterprise, Bai Xiaoping feels deeply. For the introduction of talents, he put forward his own views to Secretary Zhang Fuzhen and his party. He said: "Enterprises must first attach importance to scientific and technological research and development, so that talents can prove themselves. At the same time, it is also recommended to introduce the world's top 500 enterprises as much as possible, and introduce the talent management model of large enterprises to promote the development of enterprises in the region."

Secretary Zhang said that relevant government departments must implement the talent policy earnestly. Talents are both party affairs and government affairs. Secondly, we must vigorously introduce talent teams and the scale effect of the itinerary. Third, further expand the talent platform and improve the industrial supporting facilities. Finally, gradually optimize the talent service system.

At the same time, he stressed that enterprises face the "card, want, and take" phenomenon in the examination and approval process, and can complain about the work style, law enforcement style and other aspects of business personnel. At the same time, performance monitoring points can be set up to monitor excessive enforcement and non-compliance enforcement. Driven by the results of performance monitoring. The improvement of the business environment is optimized. Practically solve the outstanding problems affecting the soft environment of economic development and help optimize the business environment.